A coin-like pendant, that can be worn both ways. The irregular shape, combined with how the metal has been worked, give the pendant a certain patina. Can be worn both on a short or a longer chain. Here the pendant is combined with an ethically mined sapphire from Ilakaka, Madagascar.

Pendant in fine gold € 850. 45 cm long chain € 890. Sapphire pendant is sold separately.

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Tillander celebrates 160 years of jewellery in 2020 and this pendant is a tribute to the family history and craftsmanship. The coin-like plate, made out of fine gold, includes a picture of Alexander E. Tillander, my 3rd great-grandfather and founder of the first jewellery shop. The other side includes the façade of the Grönqvist building where our shop is located today. I think I will use this pendant every day.
– Jenny Tillander

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