Are you looking for a gift that gives the recipient the freedom to fulfil their wish? Why not give them a Tillander gift voucher?

There are times when you know exactly what type of jewellery you want to give to someone as a gift; you know their wishes and understand their taste and style.

Other times, however, you may not be certain about what the recipient of your gift would like – or you may just want to give them the opportunity to choose something they really want. In that case, we recommend the Tillander gift voucher, equally suitable for grand occasions and those smaller but just as important events of every-day life.

The recipient can then choose their favourite jewellery in our shop or order one designed and made just for him or her.

You can buy our gift cards in our shop in Helsinki at Kluuvikatu 1. If you want us to deliver a gift card to a specific address, please give us a call at +358 (9) 686 0980.

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