The workshop

We are proud of our strong and consistent corporate culture; our jewellery is designed, created, and sold at the heart of Helsinki, at Kluuvikatu 1 and the Pohjoisesplanadi Street.

Atelier Torbjörn Tillander is fortunate to have this group of skilled and proud professional goldsmiths, who never fear new challenges. The skill of our goldsmiths is clearly visible in every single piece of jewellery we make; the creation of jewellery out of valuable and delicate materials is a challenging task. Top goldsmiths are characterised by their analytical skills and their ambition to develop in their profession.

High quality handcrafted jewellery is our trade strength and when it is combined with exceptional design and the very best materials, it allows us to offer our clientele something truly unique.

We are delighted to have our own workshop, as it supports the continuation of Finnish handicrafts, which is something we passionately wish to do. Running advanced production facilities at the centre of Helsinki is a very unusual solution, but it helps us ensure we fulfil our strict requirement of high quality. Seamless collaboration with customer service personnel, designers, and goldsmiths results in jewellery of utter perfection.

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