The Happy pendant is a sweet new creation for the summer. It is an elegant piece of jewellery in traditional Scandinavian style that you can wear casually or for more festive occasions – no matter your age. It is a pendant, that is easy to wear and we hope you will love it as much as we do.

The Happy pendant is easy to wear to different styles. You can wear it in double leather or on a traditional golden chain. This summer the trend is to wear it as a choker in a short leather cord, says Jenny Tillander. In this way, the pendant shows although you only keep your shirt slightly open.

The simple but unique shape make the pendant pleasant to touch and wear. It is actually just a pearl within a sphere shape in gold. You can create endless variations of this piece by choosing a pearl or a stone that compliments your personal style.

It is a good idea to select an alternative that suits your own colours, and our friendly customer service is delighted to help you with this. Yellow gold and a pink pearl is really pretty on tanned skin but if you rather prefer white gold and a diamond, we would be pleased to make it for you. In this way, the Happy pendant design will become very personal.

The great benefit with being a customer at Atelier Torbjörn Tillander is that you can always tell us your personal wishes and we will create a design especially for you. We have a solid expertise in and a broad selection of beautiful pearls and precious stones.

In our shop, we will always have a few Happy pendants handy. Right now, we have a new one in yellow gold with a lush green tourmaline. We have placed it in our shopping window where it is easy to view should you happen to walk by.

All our jewellery pieces are designed by Tina Tillander and crafted by our skilled goldsmiths that represent the highest skills within the industry in Finland. All of our pieces are made by hand in our workshop in close proximity to our shop on Kluuvikatu 1. If you are lucky, you might from time to time catch a glimpse of one of them in our shop.

To manufacture jewellery by hand means that we never use moulds to create our jewellery pieces. Instead all parts are crafted by hand, Pirkka Sivonen, goldsmith artisan at Atelier Torbjörn Tillander, explains.

He picks up a Happy pendant with a gorgeous rose pearl. He holds it up and looks at it like a dear child. I made this, he says. Despite its simple shape, it was actually rather difficult to make. Firstly, we heat the gold so that it is easy to work with and then the pearl is fitted into the sphere shape. Finally all seams are evened out and polished.

Then we add what has become something of our trademark: a little pink sapphire in a drop shape made of yellow gold. All our pieces that are manufactured after 2016 carry this trademark as long as there is space for it. The little droplet is a sign that it is a genuine piece by Atelier Torbjörn Tillander.

He then places the pendant back in the glass cabinet where it awaits its new owner. Perhaps it is a pendant for you? Welcome to our newly renovated shop to have a look. We look forward to seeing you.