A fabulous piece of jewellery adds a little oomph to any outfit. Atelier Torbjörn Tillander carries a wide selection of hand made jewellery. On this page, you can find pieces that are available at our shop, or can be ordered with a very short notice. This page is updated monthly.

Pendants New classic An impressive ring Ocean blue Gorgeous rings Diamond bliss Gemstone pendants A bracelet with a twist Festive earrings Simple, yet stunning A dramatic pendant Pearl earrings A dramatic combination Ruby earrings Beads and Pearls Hottest trend this autumn Flower ring Classic Pearl earrings Contrasts attract Feminine ring The more the merrier Bracelet Modern earrings Tahitihoops A classic, always in style Opposites attract Happy pendant Autumn colours Classics The more the merrier Amazing earrings Minimalism Unique emerald earrings Cashmere Simple and beautiful Timeless style Simplicity is beautiful Summer looks Bohemian style A playful combination Colourful combination Scandinavian style The cherry on top Golden fever Drama Gorgeous rings Lovely rings Diamond chain A minimalistic pendant Timeless beauty Beautiful pearls