The best gifts come in small boxes

Colourful stones or lustrous pearls? Around your neck, on your ears or for your wrist? The holiday season is upon us and we asked Tina and Jenny Tillander to share their best tips on gifts this season.

Black Friday and the excessive consumption that follows are the mega trends of today. We at Atelier Torbjörn Tillander do things a bit differently and focus on traditional methods and products that last for generations.

– In our case, we seem to have jumped directly from the traditions in the olden days, which were based on individuality and quality, to the sustainability thinking of today, Tina opens and says:

– Luckily we jumped right over the disposable, single-use phase. That simply wasn’t for Atelier Torbjörn Tillander, ever.

A gift that lasts

”Vintage Tillander, the sub-brand of Atelier Torbjörn Tillander that was launched this autumn, builds on the idea that diamonds are forever, but jewellery does not have to be” says Jenny Tillander. At the core of Vintage Tillander is a sustainable mindset, along with a respect for high quality materials and a desire to update interesting vintage jewellery pieces to fit the needs of today. “Each piece in the collection is selected with extreme care, so that we can be sure to offer our customers only the very best quality. Vintage Tillander differs from other vintage jewellery in our way of updating the pieces to the new, roaring 20’s, while still respecting their history. I love the thought of giving jewellery a new life” Jenny explains. “Hand-crafted jewellery, that is made out of high-quality materials is way more durable than mass produced counterparts” clarifies Tina, a trained goldsmith.

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Stretchy bracelets

” Sometimes I have clients that complain about their bracelets and the difficulty to close the clasp on their own. Luckily, I have the perfect solution for this problem and am happy to recommend these bracelets to my customers. They are stretchy with no clasps, so you just simply thread it over your hand, and you are ready to go. Perfect from day to night! These bracelets are available with different sizes of diamonds, gold spheres as well as a whimsical bamboo design. There are also colours to choose from, as these beauties are available in white, yellow and rose gold” Tina explains. “I personally prefer wearing multiple bracelets at a time – here less is definitely not more” Tina laughs. ”These bracelets are now also available with coloured gemstones – sapphires and green tsavorites. This is a great opportunity to add some colour to your wardrobe!”

Earrings – a classic

”Earrings are one of the more popular gifts, since they are quite a safe choice. Items such as rings may be more difficult, as there may be problems with the sizing.” Jenny Tillander begins. “At the moment, my personal favourites are any earrings with pearls, as well as diamond studs with a twist! The drop-shaped diamonds, set in the shape of a flower give the earrings that extra little something, while remaining simple and elegant. These studs go perfectly from day to night, which makes them so versatile. The diamond pave hoops are also one of my favourites right now… There is just something about black diamonds” says Jenny.

Unique pieces

”You will know, when you have found the exact right piece of jewellery. If you haven’t gotten the thrill yet, the reason might be, that it hasn’t been made yet. Nine out of ten jewels made by us are unique, made by order” Tina explains.

“A bespoke, made by order piece is a unique present that will bring lasting joy to the recipient. A handmade, high quality piece will last for generations” remarked Jenny, a 6th generation jeweler. “We have a wide selection of loose gemstones at our shop, which I am sure will be able to cater to the most refined of tastes, which Tina and her amazing team of goldsmiths can turn into a stunning piece of jewellery” Jenny concludes.

A gemstone as a present has become increasingly popular over the years. If we were to believe Tina and Jenny, the most amazing gifts do come in small, charming packages. The Atelier Torbjörn Tillander shop is open for business on Kluuvikatu Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm and Saturdays 10 am to 4 pm. 

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Collectible pearls

Have you recently become a godparent or is there an adorable baby in your close circle, who’s life you will be a lasting part of?

One of our most popular gift items is definitely the Collectible pearls! Paula and Torbjörn Tillander created this concept in the 1960’s, which builds on the idea of collecting pearls for the child, one milestone or celebration at a time. Eventually the child will have the material for a valuable pearl necklace, often at the brink of adulthood.

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