See how Vintage Tillander Redefines the Meaning of Vintage.

Creativity requires courage. Vintage Tillander is on a mission to do something others don’t dare. Our new collection doesn’t simply settle for selling old jewelry, no. We want to take things a step further. Therefore, we have selected a few classic pieces from the past and aim to take them further by refining and redesigning them for our current roaring 20s.

Second hand and upcycling are two huge modern trends. This got us thinking; why should we leave our beautiful “old” jewelry sitting around in their boxes when they can be given brand new life through our cutting-edge craftsmanship?

We wish to offer visionary and forward-thinking Finnish jewelry that understands both, the past and present. This is what Vintage Tillander, the newest breakthrough from Atelier Torbjörn Tillander is all about.

It's something old, something new, something unprecedented.

The jewelry we choose for our Vintage Tillander line is always in top shape and made of the highest quality materials. We only sell genuine pieces that we have recognized as having potential for a second life. In addition, all the pieces in the collection are inspected down to their smallest details before undergoing renewal.  

Due to this intricate process the selection is limited, bold and completely unique.

Explore the collection and discover your Vintage Tillander favorite at Also, see how the past and present melt together on Instagram @vintagetillander. The journey towards the uncharted begins here and now!

The journey towards the uncharted begins here and now!

True Craftsmanship Never Dies. It Only Evolves.