From Mother to Daughter

What if this year for Valentine's Day you gave your loved one a gift that lasts a lifetime? Instead of flowers, a piece of jewellery that holds value for future generations: a high-quality piece that endures wear and remains precious from mother to daughter.

When Linda Jakobsson and Jenny Tillander met for work last autumn, neither of them would have believed that this encounter would blossom into a true friendship. Looking back now, the friendship between these two feels so natural: two young women, both devoted mothers of two children, simultaneously making impressive careers, loving beautiful things, and sharing similar values. Amidst their busy lives, they both strive to pause and enjoy life's small pleasures.

When Linda first stepped into the store on Kluuvikatu, she was amazed by all the beautiful gemstones and sparkling jewelry displayed in the showcases. It felt like a candy store! However, Jenny's designed Heritage pendant quickly became Linda's favorite because of its simple design language. The story behind the pendant was also fantastic to Linda, with all the twists and turns of the family history.

Traditions passed down through generations

Jenny Tillander represents the sixth generation of the Tillander jewellery family. She designed her first collection in 2020, strongly centered around the theme of sustainability. "I began the design process by considering how we could ensure the same biodiversity for future generations as we have today. My thoughts on sustainability and especially on how we at Atelier Torbjörn Tillander could be even more transparent in our processes and pave the way for other businesses, inspired me in designing this collection. I want to open up these processes to you as well, hence the name of the collection – Transparency," says Jenny.

As every piece of jewellery in our shop, the Transparency collection is handmade in the heart of Helsinki, in our own workshop. Only the best materials are used in the collection, such as fine gold, sustainably cultivated Vietnamese akoya pearls, and ethically mined natural-colored sapphires from Ilakaka, Madagascar. The materials are sourced from suppliers who also value transparency and quality in their processes. 

The coin-like Heritage pendant is made out of fine gold, that is 999% pure gold, and it was launched in 2020, as the Tillander family celebrated 160 years of history in the jewellery industry. The design of the coin includes several significant years and symbols, combining the family's history with the present. One side of the coin depicts Jenny's great-great-grandfather, Alexander E. Tillander, forging a ring. The outer rim of the coin bears the inscription St. Petersburg 1860 and Helsinki 1921, indicating when the first Tillander shop was established in St. Petersburg and later in Helsinki after the Russian revolution. On the other side of the coin is the facade of the Grönqvist House, where Atelier Torbjörn Tillander has been located since the 1980s, along with Jenny Tillander's signature. Around the rim are other important years: 1956, when Torbjörn Tillander founded his own shop bearing his name, and 2020, the year the pendant was designed.


Start a chain of generations

A meticulously crafted piece of jewellery made from high-quality materials by hand endures wear and remains precious from mother to daughter. What could be a lovelier thought than knowing that your own children or even grandchildren will have a lasting memory of you?

Heritage coin €760. You can explore the entire Transparency collection here.