The majority of jewellery created by Atelier Torbjörn Tillander are made-to-order products for direct customers. A unique piece of jewellery tells a story and appeals to generation after generation.

The majority of jewellery created by us are one-off products ordered by our individual customers. The starting point is often finding or having a special gemstone, which the actual piece of jewellery is then designed around. It naturally also works the other way around: we may start with a particular design and then look for the right stone for it, which may be found anywhere in the world. Many times we also use our customers' own stones.

As a fifth-generation jewellery designer, Tina Tillander knows how to translate a customer's idea into a beautiful design, always respecting the precious materials and relying on our goldsmiths' expertise. The stunning materials are important, but we find inspiration for our designs nearly anywhere; in art, design, fashion, the nature, antique objects or history. However, the main source of inspiration is always found in the very person the jewellery is intended for.

We often finish off our pieces with beautiful engravings. At Atelier Torbjörn Tillander, engravings are always done by hand. A beautiful hand-made engraving makes any piece of jewellery even more personal and individual. It is a lasting feature and passes the story of a ring, bracelet or necklace on to future generations.

Hand engraving requires specialised expertise. The metal is cut using traditional gravers and the method results in finer and more distinctive details compared to machine engraving. Engraving by hand also allows our creativity to run freely. We draft the patterns, ornamental motifs, images, or text on the surface of the piece, whereas machine engravers use ready-made computer templates or stencils.

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