There are some great stars in the gemstone world. These stones are especially strong and pure in colour and they make every jewellery expert excited. Somebody once said humorously that the three main things in coloured gemstones are colour, colour and colour. It is fascinating to look at these superb gemstones. And if they are also well cut gemstones it is a marvel to see how the light and shadow play in the facets.

One of the most valued gemstones is spessartite which belongs to the group of garnets. It gets its orange colour from manganese. The more of manganese the stronger the colour.

Main sources for spessartine are Nigeria and Namibia. Sometimes you can tell the origin of a spessartine by the colour. Nigeria produces darker shades and from Namibia comes the amazing neon-coloured material, which the Americans call affectionately ‘mandarine garnet’.

The ring in the picture is of the new organic style, the nature inspired style, which has its origins in the 60s and 70s. The ring is designed and made by master goldsmith Rauno Tynkkynen and exhibited in the Brilliant! Exhibition celebrating the 110th year of Finnish Goldsmiths’ Association and exhibiting the works of the Goldsmith of the Year prized jewellers.

The center stone is set in flame-like claws, which are in turn set with white and yellow diamonds and orange sapphires creating an ombre effect.

The spessartine garnet weighs over 8cts and is therefore very notable. Fine mandarine garnets weighing over 5cts are rare.


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Jewellery reminds me of the beauty in life.
– Tina Tillander

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